Legal warranties

The Civil Code of Quebec and the Consumer Protection Act provide for legal warranties covering hidden defects and the use of goods sold. These legal guarantees also apply to the present sale. This warranty shall in no way reduce or eliminate the manufacturer’s legal warranty, where such exists.

Links to other sites

The site contains links to websites operated by other companies. By clicking on these links, you leave the Stores Parent site. Stores Parent has no control over the operation of these Internet sites, and the fact that they are listed on the site does not in any way engage the responsibility of Stores Parent. We recommend that you pay particular attention to the privacy policies of these sites.

Cookies (“COOKIES”)

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your hard drive when you visit certain pages of our site. Cookies are harmless in that they cannot extract information from your hard drive. Cookies are used for the sole purpose of personalizing your future use of the site. This technology does not systematically provide Stores Parent with personal information about you. You can opt out of cookies at any time by modifying your computer’s configuration, but in the case of the Stores Parent site, cookies are necessary for the site’s operation.

Privacy and information security policy

Information about you and your credit card is sent in the form of an encrypted e-mail message to ensure confidentiality. Consequently, this message cannot be intercepted, altered or decoded by an intermediary.

Stores Parent meets SSL secure transmission standards, which means that your transaction will always be transmitted securely. What’s more, your payment is made directly to Moneris.

Stores Parent does not store any transactional data regarding credit information and does not have access to your credit card number. This is why you must resubmit your credit information for each new transaction. Stores Parent is committed to protecting your personal data and privacy. However, no security mechanism is perfect and you should be aware that there is always a certain risk that the personal information you transmit to Stores Parent may be disclosed without fault on the part of Stores Parent and without your consent. Stores Parent declines all responsibility with regard to the fact that such confidential information about you may be disclosed, except in the case of negligence on the part of Stores Parent.

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